Welcome to my craft and cake website!

My family and I are living in the Cotswolds and two of my favourite things next to walking through the wonderful english countryside is doing crochet and baking my family delicious cakes. And my favourites are quark cakes - which are in England mostly called 'cheese cakes'.  

However, there is a distinct difference between cheese and quark, I have to mention, although the result when it comes to the taste of cakes can say is always good. If you want to know more about it I put some more information in the division 'Cakes'/'All about Quark'. 

I am also presenting handmade crafts done by Katharina Glanz - my cousin from Germany - on this websites. 

She does these beautiful authentic drawings in her spare time and can create cute and pretty pottery goods. She designs comfortable clothes too which have quite the luxurious touch, I find, and all the sewing of her creations is done by herself on her sewing machine. Together with her drawings and the pottery goods they are shown under the division 'designs by Kathi'. I am very proud to be able to show her designs on my website too and invite you to have a look. It's well worth it!

Being creative was a big incentive to have Katharina's work in my portfolio and we are very grateful to share this together. We are both excited about realising our ideas and creating all these products to make them available for an art-loving audience! 

Beyond that we'd like to give you not only an item in the hand, but something made with passion and love, something you want to cherish, because it is special and unique and to give you therefore something in your hands to either have an exquisite item to decorate your own home with or give you the opportunity to present someone special with a singular present, and make this experience a real pleasure! Our ultimate goal is not only to make you happy with your purchase but to keep you happy with the product for a long time!

Es gibt auch eine deutsche Version dieser Webseite, die zusammen mit der hiesigen englischen Variante ausgebaut wird: anjascrochet2.webs.com. Wir freuen uns auf deinen Besuch!

And here is how it all began with me and crochet:

started with crochet because next to my (by then mentally exhausting) job a couple of years ago I wanted to do something where I could see a positive end product. And as I always liked being creative but over the years had less and less time for this side of life I decided it is time to start being creative again. So I did ...mainly though not to spend my evenings purely infront of the telly but also because I like to do something with my hands. 

So I came up with the idea to teach myself crochet again. A crash course at school many many years ago taught me the basics and I merely remembered to be needing a needle (now I know it's a crochet hook! :D) and some yarn. No sooner said than done! I took the laptop and searched the internet up and down for crochet patterns, and started doing them. Many of them I found on other personal websites or free compilations of crochet patterns. On the following pages I'll try to refer to the originals as much as possible (if it wasn't me).

Luckily in many regards there also came a pregnancy along ;D and all of a sudden it all made sense...as not only my hands got something to do in my spare time now but also my head got something else to focus on. Well, so I was getting into crocheting baby clothes at first which btw is a good start to teach yourself this technique! They are easy and quickly done and you can admire your own creations pretty soon. 

And while in the ongoing pregnancy sitting around and not being able to move as much as I wanted to (or was used to) would have made me solely grumpy I now was able to funnel my energy and could do loads of crocheting. 

Lots and lots of baby clothes emerged since then and over time I could refine my skills, I guess. With a collection of yarns and hooks now and not ending ideas of what to crochet next I am certain this page will soon grow bigger and more.

For now I hope you enjoy browsing around these pages... and maybe you would like to come back from time to time and check on any news. I am sure I will fill up these pages in the near future with bouyancy. :) I wish you a great visit!


PS: I started crocheting simply to my own benefit and in the beginning it was intended to be only for me or my family. Now and many projects later I had the idea of making a website about me and all my crochet projects. So if there are any questions to the shown crochet pieces please just drop me a line and I will answer them quickly.