Hi, I am Anja, the creator of this webpages, and this page tells you a little bit more about me. 

If you've read the front page you know now why I started crochet. It's simply because I enjoy being creative in my spare time and can so make something of use. 

In the moment I am also toying with the thought to start knitting as well, but haven't got around to have a go at it....yet!  Apparently it's faster and you can do more textures. So far my little daredevil daughter ;) (who I adore soo much!), our family life, the occasional baking, the few crochet activities and this website (next to those required things in life such as going to work) is keeping me pretty busy though! But we'll see...

Probably as every woman on earth I like flowers and blossoms of all sorts! Mainly still in the field, along the rivers, on the trees in springtime or in the plant beds of the beautiful english gardens or any of the well maintained gardens in our area really. 

My favourite flowering plants are magnolias. Those huge petals always let me remember the fairytale of Thumbelina...and the times when I was doing my engineering studies in Freiberg, Germany. I loved going for a walk when the many magnolia trees were in blossom. I also do like rhododendrons & roses. 

And because I like flowers I also like gardening. But a little veggie patch and some flowers around a little green will do me just fine!

And like many other girls I do not only like flowers, but horses too. :D

After a many years long break I managed to get back on a horse quite a few times in 2016 again! 

Am quite proud that I was able to get to a stage where I can say am an experienced rider again. It took me some lessons to remind my body and muscle I forgot I had to respond to what I was asking them to do and so create this fab unity with the horse throughout the lessons and hackouts. Everybody who enjoys riding horses knows that amazing feeling!