I am offering my baking skills to anyone who would like a special self-made quark cake in the Cotswolds area. So don't hesitate to contact me.

Next to getting into crochet I like baking cakes - mainly for birthdays nowadays. I always did enjoy baking and do remember having prepared my first cake for the 10th birthday of my little brother. And since I have my own oven I wanted to go on making cakes. Having finally my own kitchen in a lovely home coincided not only with me settling in England but also with moving in with my future husband in the quaint little house we shared back then. Ahhh, lovely memories. :) He loves cakes and I loved preparing them for him. They say the way to a man's heart goes through his stomach and I think me baking him a birthday cake soon after he moved in might have contributed a lot here! :D 

The following pictures are just a few snapshots of my birthday cakes, own creations hardly following the recipe. 


Mandarines Quark Cake

Streusel Poppy Quark Cake with Cherries

The '1kg Quark' Cake with carrot cake flan base

MY birthday cake 2014 and I only added some raisins and cherries. :)

Chocolate Quark Cake

...I tried it with loads of cocoa (and also adding a bit of baking soda to be on the safe side! :D) ....and it worked! Hooray!

Birthday Cake 2014!

'Coconut & White Chocolate' Cake covered in white chocolate, sprinkled with madagascar vanilla sugar and on top a layer of real cocoa for the truffle effect (and then left over night).

... and I have to say am a bit proud of this one! It emerged on the go actually as left plain it would have been much too plain for a birthday cake. So I improvised on the topping. And it was a real treat! :D